Minister’s Sermon


This could be you ore your pastor spreading the Word throughout the world weekly.
This could be you or your Pastor spreading the Word throughout the world Weekly. Join us Today….

These are just a few of the worship Leaders that are a part of Dirty Knees Ministries. Listen to your favorite Minister’s sermon and take a moment and listen to some that you may not be familiar with. There could very well be a word in it for you and where you are in your life.  Please enjoy the message and if you do not mind PLEASE share the site with others. It is because of you and others like you that we are here. GOD’s BLESSINGS UPON YOU….


IF you are a minister join us today to broadcast your sermons to over 19 Countries. If you think your Pastor needs to be heard please inform Him/Her about this great opportunity to minister  to and increase your Church, it’s membership  and tithes & offering Today…. We are going 24/7 in the very near future. Get your time slots today. The spots WILL fill up Quickly…. Do not hesitate. This is for you and your ministry.

Please Donate to Keep this ministry alive. It is by your support that we are here.




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